Curated by Washington Speakers Bureau, WSB Direct Connect is a self-service option for eventorganizers seeking a professional speaker under $15,000. Simply enter yoursearch criteria, add interesting speakers to your shortlist and contact themall at once. Your selected speaker communicates with you directly to finalizethe contract and event logistics. The end result is a successful event anddelighted audience.

Why did WSB create the WSB Direct Connect platform?

Washington Speakers Bureau receives thousands of inquiries every year from meeting professionals who have important meetings but limited budgets. With WSB Direct Connect, we are able to provide an excellent resource in a curated directory of professional speakers that we believe in and trust to do a great job for your audience.

Why are there fees listed above $15,000?

Each speaker listed has a fee below $15,000, however, for cross-country or international events, the top range of the fee may exceed $15,000. Through the website, you may contact the speaker directly to inquire about fees based on the location of your event and the speaker’s home city.

Who develops the speaker contract?

Contract and terms are between you and the speaker. You may opt to use the standard contract on the WSB Direct Connect platform, or securely upload your organization's preferred contract. Speaker payments are securely conducted through the platform according to the terms of your agreed upon contract.

Has WSB vetted these speakers?

Yes, WSB has hand-picked each professional speaker listed on, saving you time. Rather than starting with a Google search or using internal presenters, use this directory as a shortcut to contact both up and coming talent scouted by WSB and seasoned professionals who have been speaking for years.

How is WSB Direct Connect different from WSB?

WSB Direct Connect is an online service offered by Washington Speakers Bureau. WSB’s full-service bureau is found at, where speaker fees typically begin above $15,000. WSB's full-service bureau includes a dedicated sales team that guides you through the speaker selection, contracting and payment processes, plus a dedicated event manager that is your point of contact to finalize all logistics for the speaker’s appearance.

If you plan to invite one of WSB’s exclusive speakers or want the full service treatment for your next invited speaker, visit and let us know how we can help.

WSB Direct Connect gives you access to incredible speakers.

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